Bioenergetic Therapy

“A person who doesn't breathe deeply reduces the life of his/her body. If a person does not move freely, the life of the body is restricted. If this person doesn't feel fully, this restricts the life of his body. And if his self-expression is restricted, the life of the body is restricted.” - Alexander Lowen

Alexander Lowen developed Bioenergetics as a therapeutic technique to help people reconnect with their body and make the most of the body's life.

Bioenergetics is a form of psychodynamic psychotherapy that combines work with the body and mind to help people resolve their emotional problems and realize more of their potential for pleasure and joy in life.

In bioenergetic therapy, specific physical exercises are used in conjunction with breathing, focusing on the body, mind, and the energy that flows between them.

Grounding, Breathing and Vibration are the three basic principles of Bioenergetics. Alexander Lowe points out that "a person does not have a body, a person is a body."

O objetivo da terapia é mais do que a ausência de sintomas – é sentir vitalidade, sentir o gosto do prazer, alegria, amor e aceitar as coisas com mais facilidade – é uma saúde vibrante.



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