Body in Mind Training© (BMT)

BMT was developed at King's College London and refined around the world in academic research. It is a protocol based on neuroscience, embodiment, and self-regulation. Its methodology is based on Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology and Martial Arts.

Created by Dr. Tamara Russell it is based on movement and mindfulness, which allows participants to quickly develop a deep and powerful understanding of the synergy between body and mind. The more body-oriented practices are intended to broaden the accessibility of mindfulness to people who usually do not adapt to more traditional programs.

Course Principles: The 3 Cs

  1. Courage (to start something radically different);
  2. Curiosity (to examine what might appear);
  3. Compassion (with whatever you observe and feel);

Throughout the 5 or 8 weeks of the group you will learn theoretical models on self-regulation of behavior and emotions and, most importantly, mindfulness techniques and exercises to implement in your daily life. At each class you will receive - at least - 2 new exercises to practice during the week.