The "Conscious Athlete" Program (CAP)

Emotional Skills Training

Do you have any idea how much managing your emotions influences your performance? Do you seek to overcome your limits? Do you have difficulty in dealing with other aspects of life?

Knowing how to deal with our feelings, thoughts, and emotions is crucial to achieve our goals, to live in a lighter way and with less suffering. In high performance sports, the way the athlete deals with each situation is a differential factor to define the final results - there are plenty of examples. The more self-aware you are, the wiser your decisions will be.

The objective of this program is to offer support and tools so that the athlete can deal with himself in a more lucid way, and thus be able to choose where and how to invest his energy, avoiding wasting it.

This work is based on my practices as a psychologist, in which I use mindfulness, bioenergetic therapy, and group dynamics.


  • 1 introductory session (free) + 4 weekly sessions (program);
  • Duration of the sessions: 2 hours for group training and 1.5 hours for individual training;
  • Face-to-face or online format;
  • Participants are asked to perform tasks between each session;
  • They receive a manual with the content worked out, as well as guided audios for the proposed practices;
  • After 4 weeks, you can observe your results, your behavior as well as your performance;
  • The program structure can be adapted according to the context.
Sessions Contents
0) Presentation
Presentation of the approaches and contents worked on, as well as the functioning of the program.
1) Mindfulness and full consciousness in our daily life
What is mindfulness?
The importance of being "grounded" and present in our daily lives;
Emotional regulation in life and sports;
Practices to facilitate mindfulness related to sports;
2) Body and Emotions
Body x Emotions relationship;
Awareness of what we are feeling;
The challenge of acceptance;
Practices to be aware of what we need in certain moments of sports competition;
3) Breath and Self-compassion
Accessing our essence through breathing;
The power of self-compassion;
Serenity to distinguish what we can change from what we cannot;
Breathing and self-compassion practices linked to sports;
4) Observing thoughts and the "no struggle" principle
The ability to observe ourselves "from the outside" so we can change behaviors;
The awareness of necessary and unnecessary effort in sport;
Dealing with the athlete's dilemmas;
Material for maintaining practices after the emotional skills training is over;