Interculturality & Mindfulness Program (IMP) Mindfulness (PIM)

Are you living in a different culture? Are you planning to move? Do you feel you need a support to adapt to the new reality?

Learning to relate to different cultures is a constant challenge around the world. At the same time, a high prevalence of anxiety disorders and depression has been detected. With the intention of promoting greater cultural integration and to provide support for psychological well-being, the Interculturality and Mindfulness Program (IMP) was developed.

The IMP was developed and implemented at the University of Algarve (UAlg) in early 2018 and, since then, more than 15 editions have been conducted, encompassing the participation of more than 200 students. Although applied in a university context, it is adaptable to the general public. This program is grounded in evidence-based practices and had its effects inserted in two international scientific articles (with one publication), as well as the publication of the report of its protocol in the book "The Psychology of Pandemics".


  • To promote integration between different cultures;
  • To foster a positive intercultural attitude;
  • To stimulate mindfulness skills;
  • To develop communication skills;
  • To facilitate the expansion of the social support network;


  • Six weekly sessions lasting two hours each;
  • A participant's manual is provided with IMP’s contents, as well as audios of guided meditation practices;
  • It can be applied in a face-to-face or online format;
Sessions Topic
1) Introduction to the program and group integration
"Land in sight: welcome to the new reality/Mindfulness!"
2) Positive intercultural attitude I
"Anchoring"/The body and mindfulness
3) Positive intercultural attitude II
"(Re)Socialization"/ Dealing with thoughts and emotions
4) Intercultural Communication I
"Verbal and nonverbal communication"/ Self-compassion
5) Intercultural Communication II
"Another way of interacting with the world" / Mindfulness in everyday life
6) Conclusion of the program
"Weaving the support network" / "Week 6 is the rest of your lives"


IMP has proven beneficial in both pre- and post-intervention assessments, as well as a tool for the participant to continue improving their quality of life after the sessions are over when assessing emotional regulation, life satisfaction, stress, anxiety, depression, optimism, mindfulness, loneliness, and positive solitude. Link for more details.